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Frontend Developer
, I design and enhance digital experiences.


Cosmina Palade

Frontend Developer & Designer

About Me

From a very young age, I started drawing, creating designs, decorating, I developed a great taste for style. When I was 8, I created my first line of clothes. By the time that I was in high school, I got into writing poetry and screenplays. I think those memories really led to my love of creating designs, websites, copywriting and a great sense of details.

Since 2013, I work as a Frontend Developer and recently as a Designer. I've also got some hands-on experience with my first Start-up, which trained the analytical part of my mind by focusing on the process of building up a business. My mission is to transform pixels in frontend high-quality UI, ease the communication between Designers and FE developers, organizing chaos, driving business results, facilitating memorable moments, creating killer UI, designing fierce slide decks, building lasting relationships, solving impossible problems, taking calculated risks, and helping your team dazzle daily!


SPA Development

I provide development services from Prototyping, UI Design to frontend development, support and maintenance as per your project needs.

CSS & SEO Optimization

I help you increase your site's performance by optimizing the CSS Code, CRP, Images, and I can boost your SEO ranking using modern techniques.


Simply put, I help you write copy that makes you more money, communicate what you want and get potential customers to act.

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